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How do I use a ratchet wrench? Ratchet wrench 72 teeth or 24 teeth good?


Ratchet wrench is different from ordinary wrench, can be used in different specifications of nuts and nuts, this design makes it save a lot of cost and time, so it is very popular. So how do you use it? The following is for you to introduce.

When using a ratchet wrench, first select a socket of the appropriate size for connecting and rotating bolts or nuts. Then adjust the direction of the two-way ratchet according to the rotation direction, and then use the socket to cover the bolts or nuts for rotation.

In the process of using a ratchet wrench should also pay attention to some matters:

Before use, adjust the ratchet direction, select the appropriate transfer rod, socket head or quick wrench combination; The tightening torque cannot be too large; otherwise, the ratchet wrench will be damaged.

When using, make sure the ratchet fits the bolt or nut exactly. In the process of using the sleeve, hold the connection between the handle and the sleeve tightly with your left hand. Do not shake, lest the sleeve slip out or damage the edges of the bolts and nuts. Apply force in your direction to prevent an accidental slip and hand injury.
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